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Green Street Farm

Green Street Farm allotments are nestled at the foot of the Downs between Filching Road and Beechy Avenue, and can be accessed from either side.  The site has 101 plots and an amazing view of the Downs.


The toilet is located at the Filching Road end of the site behind the bungalow.

Soil type

With the Downs to the west of the site, Green Street Farm is on a slope, making the ground very free draining.  The soil parent material is clay, silts, sand and gravel, making the soil texture clayey loam to sandy loam.


There are parking areas around the site.  Do not park on the site roadways.  Please be considerate to other site users when loading/unloading outside of your plot.

DANGER – due to the proximately of the Downs, Adders can occasionally be seen on site.  They can be found basking in the sunshine.  Although they are the UK’s only poisonous snake, an adder bite is a very rare occurrence which, although painful, is almost never fatal.

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