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Highfield allotments are split into two parts which we refer to as Old and New Highfield.  The Old Highfield site can be accessed via a footpath from Midhurst Road or Bodium Crescent.  There is a small playground behind the Bodium Crescent end of the site.  New Highfield can also be accessed via the Bodium Crescent footpath or with a car from Otham Road.  There is a wonderful community atmosphere at this site and tenants often organise their own communal BBQ and get-together.  They also organise regular woodchip drops so have a chat with the site rep for more information.


The toilet is situated on the New Highfield site near the Bodium Crescent gate.

Soil type

Much of the surrounding low-lying area is marshland.  The soil parent material is alluvium: clay, silts, sand and gravel, with a soil texture of peaty clay.  Although fairly free-draining, this does cause some areas of the site to become waterlogged in very wet winters.


The car park is situated in the centre of the New Highfield site.  Do not park on the site roadways.  Please be considerate to other site users when loading/unloading outside of your plot.  There is no vehicle access to the Old Highfield site.


DANGER – Please be aware that there are drainage ditches running alongside the site.  Children must be monitored at all times.

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